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So you’ve received confirmation of your home care package allocation?

We’ve got no doubt that this will be a moment of relief for you and your loved ones.

It means you are now on the road to securing the support that you require for safe and independent living in the comfort of your own home.

Although, the process isn’t quite over just yet.

All home care packages must be supported by a home care plan too. If this is all a little bit too confusing, not to worry.

This guide will help answer any questions and clear any confusion you might have.

What is a Home Care Package Plan?

Once it has been confirmed that a home care package is the best solution for your ongoing care needs, a care plan is developed to scope out the finer details.

It documents all your requirements and the services needed to satisfy those requirements, as well as a schedule of who and when the home care packages will be provided to.

The care plan itself may relate to home care packages ranging from level 1 to level 4, as well as outlining the cost of the home care packages.

The care plan is a written document that is delivered by your Bayswater aged care provider following an ACAT assessment that you will have already completed.


What is Included in a Home Care Package Plan?

Personal Care

Support for personal care is often considered the most important element of a home care package plan.

It will include everything from daily hygiene routines to tasks such as getting dressed.

Home Assistance

If you are capable of maintaining good hygiene and personal care, it can get in the way of keeping the home organized and safe.

Home assistance services can include cleaning duties such as washing your clothes, putting groceries, decluttering, and more.

Home Modifications

Once you start getting older it can make usual home surroundings feel somewhat unsuitable.

Modifications in the home can aid mobility and encourage greater independence.

These modifications include handrails, access rails, lowered work surfaces and more.

Shopping & Wellbeing

In addition to the health and happiness in the home, it will be necessary to consider outside tasks.

A carer from an organisation such as a Bayswater aged care provider can prepare meals in the home and help with your grocery shopping.

This can also include driving to complete errands or attending social events which help with wellbeing.

Respite Care

Home care packages are not only designed to support the individual receiving the care but they’re also designed to support the individual’s family and primary caregivers.

Respite care can be included in the home care plan.

This can be utilised when a caregiver is on holidays, recovering from being ill, or when they need a break.

The different care package care plan levels explained

When you receive confirmation of your home care package it will include details of the level of support that has been agreed upon.

The different levels will be based on your specific needs and home requirements.

  • Home care package level 1 is designed to support people with basic needs
  • Home care package level 2 is designed to support individuals with low care needs
  • Home care package level 3 is aimed at individuals with intermediate care needs
  • Finally, level 4 is for those with the most needs

Arranging your home care package care plan

An in-depth understanding of your funding and the timeline should allow you to start your home care with the process in style. 

Individuals, or their primary carers, must work closely with their home care package provider to build a specific care plan.

Before deciding what services the annual budget will be used on, it’s critical to think about what ideally want the home care package to actually do. 

Are you wanting to gain more independence? Feel safe at home? Or perhaps enjoy more quality time with loved ones?

Regardless, home care needs to encourage a better quality of life but having a clear understanding of how you define your version of a better life is important.

If you would like to find out more about how our Bayswater aged care home care packages can support you, please click here to leave an enquiry or call us on (03) 8720 1338.