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When your elderly loved one has had their home care assessment through My Aged Care and have arranged the appropriate home care services, it might seem that that’s the end of the process.

However, as time goes on, their needs will change and therefore they may need more or different care services.

What happens then?

While they won’t receive additional services straight away, there will be an opportunity to assist them in organising these additional services.

And this can be done through a new aged care assessment that will help identify the new services that they need to meet their new needs.

This article will look at why it’s important to remember that when your loved ones’ support needs change, then so can their current home care plan.

Circumstances & Needs Change

If any of the below scenarios has affected your elderly relative, then it’s perhaps time to consider a change in their home care package.

  • Their dementia has worsened
  • Had multiple falls
  • Had an operation
  • Experienced any physical or mental health changes

If so, the question you need to ask is – has it been some time since the last home care assessment was conducted?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time for a reassessment of their government-funded home care package.

Any of the above scenarios can mean an elderly person’s need for home care services has changed significantly since they were initially assessed.

New Needs = Different Types of Home Care Services Are Required

The key to remember with an aged care assessment for independent living is that it judges the needs and requirements of the elderly person at the time of assessment.

Having a level of flexibility in their home care package is absolutely essential to ensure that they can always get access to the home care services they require when they need them.

This flexibility element should be a high priority when engaging a home care service provider for a home care package.

home care services for the elderly

Services Aren’t Locked in Forever

Following on from discussing flexibility in the previous paragraph, it’s also important to remember that these home care services aren’t locked in forever.

All that is required is a new home care assessment.

It certainly makes sense to think that once your elderly loved one is in the system then that’s it and they can’t change their services regardless of their needs.

The good news is that couldn’t be any further from the truth and you can rest easy knowing that they will always receive the care and support they need at all times.

While there will never be automatic updates to the home care plan they are engaged with. There will always be provisions to adjust their level of care.

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