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During these trying and uncertain times, the health and safety of our wonderful staff, community, and public is our absolute priority.

We want to ensure that everyone with who we interact can do so with confidence knowing their health and safety is being looked after.

Accent Home Care has implemented some highly stringent measures to keep our clients, staff, and public as safe as possible.

Below we’ve included what we’ve put in place for all of our staff members who are employed directly by Accent Home Care:

  • Staff receive anywhere between 1-5 rapid antigen tests per week free of charge
  • The results of the rapid antigen tests are collated and reviewed by our nursing team
  • If a staff member tests positive, they are immediately removed from all services and are required to isolate for the required duration. In lieu of their absence, a replacement staff member is allocated
  • Our staff members have access to nitrile gloves and N95/P2 masks which are effective in providing greater protection against COVID-19
  • In addition to these gloves and masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) is supplied and used by all staff including face shields and full-length gowns
  • The hand sanitiser and wet wipes we used contain at least 75% alcohol content which is highly effective when disinfecting hands and equipment
  • Since 2020, an Infection Control and Pandemic Committee has been introduced which meets regularly to provide Accent Home Care with the necessary governance and structure to provide a safe and reliable home care service. This group is made up of a Geriatrician, Registered Nurses, and Quality Manager.

covid 19 hand sanitiser and mask


We absolutely value our staff and realise that working in a community where COVID is all around us presents a number of challenges. To support our staff, we’re able to provide the following:

  • Employment Assistance Program – a confidential counselling service
  • Our staff are able to take time off work and still be paid to receive a COVID vaccination or booster vaccination
  • Our highly valuable care workers have access to direct support and guidance through our Service Delivery Team
  • We offer flexible working hours to ensure staff have a healthy work-life balance and to be able to support members of their family
  • Allow staff who need to work from home the opportunity to work from home
  • Adhere to the recommendations and guidelines provided by the Victorian and Australian governments
  • Regular training on the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE)​​
  • Regular communication to inform staff on what is best practice when delivering our home care services during the COVID-19 pandemic

As you can see from the above, we have a number of procedures and processes in place to assist and protect our staff members, which in turn are protecting our community.