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If you or your loved one has been approved for a level 3 home care package, you might be wondering what’s involved in this type of home care package and what it means for them.

We get a number of frequently asked questions from our clients about this type of package. These include:

  • What does a level 3 home care package include and exclude?
  • Who is eligible for this level of care support?
  • How much government funding is available?

This article will go into greater detail about how this care package plan helps elderly Australians in their pursuit of living independently in the comfort of their own home.

What Are The Various Levels Within a Home Care Package?

While we are focusing on level 3 home care packages within this article, there are a number of other levels of care that can be accessed through government funding. These include:

  • Level 1 & 2 home care packages exist for basic & low-level care needs
  • Level 3 is typically accessed by elderly people who need an intermediate level of nursing care
  • Level 4 is for those who require high-level care

How to Become Eligible for a Level 3 Home Care Package

Before we delve into what is included in a level 3 home care package, we feel it’s important to understand who it’s designed for and how those people can become eligible for this level of care.

First of all, you’ll need to apply for an assessment with the aged care website My Aged Care so they can review your individual needs and determine which level of care is suitable for you.

If your Case Manager deems you to have intermediate care needs, you will be given access to a level 3 home care package.

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Fees & Funding 

So what aged care services does a level 3 home care package include in terms of government funding? 

Below is what you can receive via the various contributions made by the Australian government, as well as what contributions you too might need to make.

Government Contributions

The fortnightly subsidy rate from the government for a Level 3 home care package is $1,325.24. 

What Will I Have to Pay?

This can be discussed with your care management team member and will be based on your individual needs.

Using Your Home Care Package Funding

When you’re determining how to use your level 3 home care package funds, please keep in mind, as mentioned, that this level of care is intended to cover intermediate needs.

Also, this would allow you to receive care while you are recovering from surgery and needing nursing care support at home.

Other level 3 home care services you can receive are:

  • Nursing support includes continence management, wound care, medication management, and more.
  • Allied health care services including podiatry, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy
  • Personal care services include showering, toileting, dressing & undressing, and more

You’ll also be able to access other services including home maintenance services, transport services, and social support groups.

Everyday expenses such as normal grocery purchases or entertainment & travel purchases aren’t covered under a level 3 home care package as they aren’t related to the intermediate care requirements.

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