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It can be common to experience various levels of stress throughout your life and none more so during your elderly years.

In fact, this is when stress can impact your life the most.

The act of ageing causes many stresses such as ill-health, loss of independence, and so much more.

As many elderly Australians are now living alone, this can also create added stress should something happen to go wrong whilst living at home.

The good news is that regardless if your loved one is being looked after by a home care package provider or not, there are a number of ways their stress levels can be alleviated.

The Signs of Stress

As can sometimes be the case, signs of stress may not be obvious and therefore go unnoticed which can lead to a number of issues.

There are some signs that you as a loved one can be mindful of, especially when there has been a significant change in your life.

Be sure to take the time with your loved ones to sit and talk with them about how they are getting on.

If you happen to notice a change in their mood or perhaps their diet, then this may be an indication that they are stressed.

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Another sign is if they aren’t getting enough sleep on a nightly basis. This can also affect their mood.

A lack of interest in participating in regular social activities can be yet another sign that your loved one is stressed.

If you are indeed worried about your loved one and are unsure of what to do, we would always recommend getting in touch with their GP for further help.

Relaxation Techniques

If there is one solution we could recommend to reducing your loved one’s stress levels it would be to introduce some relaxation techniques.

Various techniques have been known to improve a number of aspects of one’s life including sleep, concentration, health & wellbeing, and mood.

Have you ever considered tai chi? It’s a good relaxation technique that can increase energy levels and reduce stress levels.

Massage therapy and art therapy are also other forms of positive relaxation techniques to aid in reducing stress.

Physical Activity

Getting involved in some form of physical activity has shown to have incredible mental health benefits for the elderly.

Whilst physical ability needs to be a consideration, activities such as regular walking, at whatever pace is most comfortable, can have a positive impact on improving overall mood amongst elderly people.

Spending as little as 30 minutes a day can be the difference between feeling stressed and feeling refreshed.

Another form of physical activity is getting involved in an outdoor therapy activity such as gardening which can be done through a number of community care or social groups..

It will keep the mind stimulated and your loved one will be getting plenty of fresh air which will almost always help in reducing stress levels.


Finally, a well-balanced diet can have a significant positive impact on your loved one’s mental health and wellbeing.

Eliminating the consumption of alcohol and sugar from your loved one’s diet can go a long way to reducing their stress levels.

As a government-funded home care package provider here in Melbourne, we know how stressful life can be sometimes for the elderly, so we hope our suggestions in this blog on how to manage are helpful.

If you would like to find out more about how our Bayswater aged care home care packages can support you, please contact us to leave an enquiry or call us on (03) 8720 1338.