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With technology being such a big part of our lives these days, it’s really hard to escape it in the home.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a disadvantage to an elderly person. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

These days there are so many innovative and useful gadgets available to the elderly that will make home life much easier.

These mobility and equipment devices include everything from kitchen appliances, tech gadgets, panels located at important parts of the house, and more.

Tech Gadgets

Below are but a few examples of tech gadgets available to help elderly people in the home.

  • Amazon Echo – an incredibly handy device connected by the internet, the Amazon Echo is designed to respond to your voice. It allows you to ask its voice assistant Alexa about the weather, read the news, play music, and much more. For those elderly people who are hard of seeing, it will show the date and time in big letters and numbers.
  • TV Remotes – they are no longer the point and press devices that they once were. In fact, these days they’re made to be much more user-friendly; especially for the elderly. They come with large buttons for channels and volume, as well as the power button.
  • Phone Appsthere are so many mobile phone apps available to the elderly including games, music, tracking, movies and so much more.

 elderly shoehorn

Assistance Gadgets

Whilst the tech gadgets we mentioned above are more than useful in the home, we think the assistance gadgets below are just as useful if not more.

  • Shoehorns – handy to have nearby when you’re wanting to put your shoes on and can’t bend over as you might have done in your earlier years.
  • Dressing Sticks – similar to the shoehorn, it makes getting dressed much easier when mobility starts to become a challenge.
  • Electronic Chairs – there are a number of electronic chairs available to you but we think the most useful chair is the power lift recliner chair. This helps you easily get out of your chair.
  • Shower Seating – possibly one of the more common gadgets found in a house occupied by the elderly, it makes getting in and out of a shower much easier.

Day-to-Day Gadgets

The gadgets we’ve listed below are what we would consider being gadgets that are used more often during your daily life.

  • Gripping Aidsif hand strength is an issue, gripping aids on items such as utensils, sink taps and more can make using them much easier
  • Hand Grabbers – these mitigate the risk of needing to continually bend down or reach up to grab things. 
  • Magnifying Viewers – if your eyesight isn’t what it once was, having a magnifying viewer for reading things such as the paper or your mail can help.

Technology can seem very overwhelming at times and with so much of it around us all the time, we can certainly understand why.

However, as you can see from the examples we’ve included above, they can certainly make life easier for you rather than hinder it.

If you’d like to speak to us about how our home care services can make your life easier around your home, be sure to send us an enquiry.