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When you transition to any new stage of your life, it will always come with its own unique set of circumstances and a list of tasks and considerations associated with that transition.

A transition into using home help through a home care service provider takes careful planning, preparedness, and plenty of patience.

If you’re considering the transition yourself, but have yet to reach a conclusion that home care is the right path forward for you, we think the below four reasons might help you make up your mind.

A Healthy Social Life

It’s incredibly important to maintain your current level of activity or socialising, doing the things you love today and this doesn’t necessarily have to end. 

Home help, social support and personal care provided by a home care service can ensure you maintain a healthy social and personal life. 

You might be surprised to learn that a home care service can provide even more social activities and general socialisation than you may have first thought.

Through Accent Home Care, our social support group offers a wide range of activities and social functions to encourage participation and socialising amongst our wonderful clients.

Conversely, you might see home care as an opportunity to slow down or cut back on a number of existing commitments. 

And that’s why home care is such a great alternative in comparison to more traditional residential aged care services in Melbourne – because it’s all up to you. 

You have the ability to set your own personal goals, slow down, and really appreciate the stage of life that you’re currently at with assistance when you require it.

Three Benefits of Independent Living

Assistance When You Need It

As we mentioned before, the emphasis on this type of home care service in Melbourne is that it’s completely up to you, and this extends into the personalised services and assistance you require.

It’s there when you need it and if you need it. Home care services offer you the opportunity to set your own goals with your dedicated case manager who can assist you in reaching these personal goals while remaining independent.

Through Accent Home Care, we can offer a number of services including meal preparation, personal care, domestic assistance, gardening, shopping, and social support just to name a few.

And whilst we have all of these services and more available, you choose the ones that suit your needs and goals.

It’s this level of flexibility that our existing clients absolutely love because they can change them as their needs change.

They’re still in control of their everyday lives whilst we complement and support them to be as independent as they want.

Three Benefits of Independent Living

That All-Important Human Connection

Our social support group offers outings and social connections which all of our clients enjoy. 

At our regular social support gatherings, you’ll meet other clients with similar interests and participate in a number of fun activities, outings, and events.

This can help improve your overall quality of life while building relationships with like-minded individuals. 

The people you meet will almost certainly become the friends you see regularly at our social support outings.

If you would like to find out more about how our home care packages can support you, please click here to leave an enquiry or call us on (03) 8720 1338.