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If you’re someone who is currently considering a home care package for yourself or for a family member, you might be asking yourself what home care services are included.

It’s a great question and something our new clients ask our case managers quite regularly when they decide to start living independently.

In short, there are a number of support services available to allow you to live the life you want in the comfort of your own home.

But the key point there is living the life you want and therefore the home care services available to you will be tailored to your individual needs.

However, we thought we’d write this article to give you some idea of what services will be available to you should you engage us for a home care package

Elderly Transportation Services

If you or your loved one are finding it difficult to get out and about for your social activities or to run your weekly errands, we can assist by offering transport services.

We recognise that our clients have different needs and therefore we can assist in whichever way suits you with regards to transport.

home care services

Garden Care Services

We think that there’s nothing better than a well-kept & well-presented garden regardless of the time of year.

This is why we offer garden care services to ensure your garden is looking its absolute best throughout the year.

This includes everything but is not limited to mowing your lawns, removing any green waste, watering plants, and general weeding.

Our garden care services can also include other services such as window cleaning and general home maintenance.

Home Maintenance Services

Speaking of home maintenance, we believe this to be an important care service to ensure that your home is in a good & safe condition both inside and out.

We recognise that there are many jobs around the house that need doing on a regular or yearly basis.

But should you or your spouse become too sick to do them, then you might need some help.

Our home maintenance services ensure that your house stays in good condition regardless of your health.

These services include cleaning windows & gutters, replacing leaky taps, installing or changing smoke alarms, and much more.

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Cleaning Services

A house that is clean is a house that you can be proud of but also feel safe and comfortable living in.

We can arrange cleaning services through our professional cleaners to attend to your home on a regular basis.

These services include vacuuming, dusting, dishwashing, bathroom cleaning, and general tidying up.

These are but some of the many home care services we can offer you or your loved one when engaging us for our government-funded home care packages.

They are designed to give you or your loved one the care and support that you need, whilst also giving your family members peace of mind that you are being cared for.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you in living independently, please contact us to leave an enquiry or call us on (03) 8720 1338.