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Regardless of the pandemic, it has become apparent to us that there is a growing public demand for home care services versus the traditional aged care service.

These reasons are predominantly associated with advances in technology, cost-effectiveness, and tradition.

Technology has developed to a point where many services that were once only able to be provided in a hospital can now be provided in the comfort of the home.

The question then becomes – why choose a home care service provider?

We’re going to take a look at five reasons why you should choose home care services in favour of more traditional services.

A Home Care Provider in Your Own Home

As the old saying goes, there really is no place like home and this is especially relevant when it comes to health care services.

It might be hard for you or your loved one to feel well in an environment that is structured and you are being cared for by multiple people. Or where having comfort items, pets, etc. is limited.

A home care service arrangement can be significantly more fulfilling than assisted living and nursing homes and can accommodate essentially the same level of care.

Except it’s in the comfort of your own home or your loved one’s home.

These services include everything from meal preparation, gardening maintenance, personal care, and much more.

Care services are especially good when they involve the elderly recovering in their own home. This means that those who want to recover from an injury or illness can do so without having to go away from home.

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It Keeps Families Together

There are times when moving an elderly relative into an aged care facility can result in the splitting up of families. 

The dependent may have to move a considerable distance away. Or they may have to move away from a family member who needs the same level of care but is struggling to provide it. It can also mean moving away from a beloved pet who has kept them company for many years.

According to research, home care services allow family members to take care of their loved ones themselves.

This allows them to maintain their own independence and provides them with a sense of self-worth.

Facilitating a Sense of Self-Worth

For your loved ones’ health and well-being, you may need to relocate them to a more supervised environment, but they may have a different idea of what that entails.

Moving out of the home they have loved for several years can often place them in a spiral of sadness and stress, especially when having to let go of most of their other belongings.

There are many studies that have shown that when the elderly have more control over the environment, they are less likely to become lonely or depressed.

It’s also widely known that when they have care brought to them in their home tend to be more active and remain more alert & engaged.

If you care for your loved one at home, on their terms, you make them feel valued, thus providing them a greater sense of self-worth.

Home Care Costs Less Than Nursing Homes

Typically, home care services are half the cost that is associated with more traditional options such as nursing home options. 

This is largely due to the clients only paying for the services they really need through home care package funds, as well as the fact that no company has to pay the bill for running a nursing home.

There are a variety of ways to pay for home care services but predominantly they are organised through the aged care website My Aged Care.

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Your Loved One Has a More Active Role in Their Own Health

As we mentioned previously, elderly Australians who receive care in aged care facilities such as nursing homes feel they give up their sense of worth.

This can also result in them feeling like they are giving up their ability to take care of themselves in a manner that is ideal for them.

When they engage in-home care services, our experience shows that they retain a more autonomous lifestyle.

Professional caregivers will always provide and discuss your loved ones various options within their home care package to ensure they are getting the level of care they need.

Best of all, home care packages are flexible and can be changed as the needs of your loved one change.

All of this results in giving them a more active role in their lifestyle and overall health & well-being which creates a more independent lifestyle.

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