Independent Home Care Advice

Independent Home Care Advice

Receiving independent home care advice regarding your care needs is an important aspect for you to have complete control over your preferred style of living.

At Accent Home Care, we can provide you with the independent advice you need to assist you in determining how to spend your home care package funding. We will discuss your individual needs to combine them with our knowledge, expertise, and provide you with various recommendations.

We have our own dedicated workforce in addition to a variety of suppliers that can provide you with a number of home care services. Alternatively, if you’ve already got a supplier assisting, check with us to see if we have them already established as an approved supplier.

Our Care Advisors are incredibly knowledgeable and experts with regards to recommending you to appropriate services. They have knowledge of level 1 Home Care Packages which provide basic care needs to level 4 packages that provide high care needs.

Accent Home Care can further assist in obtaining extra funding for people who require oxygen, enteral feeding, or may have Dementia or challenges with their memory.  

In addition to our Home Care Packages, our Accent Home Care Social Support Group is funded as a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and can assist people to connect with other like-minded people.

We can also assist you in applying for these packages, as well as managing them to ensure you get the most out of them. Just contact our office to find out more.

In short, we have a team that will work with you from start to finish lending their expertise along the way to ensure you get the independent home care advice that you need and, more importantly, deserve.

Discussing Your Requirements

Your Care Advisor will begin the process with a single question – what is important to you?

They will ask about your current circumstances, strengths, existing support networks, and whether they are family and/or friends. 

They’ll also ask about your medical, physical, social, and psychological requirements. These questions, and more, will form the basis for our recommendations. 

Rest assured, your needs are our priority and we will advise you and your support network accordingly in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Developing Your Care Plan 

We design our care plans to ensure they serve you both now and into the future. They need to be flexible so that as your needs change, so can your plan.

There are a number of options of support and care available to you and we will work with you to discover the correct options for you.

We encourage you to discuss these options with your support network so they too can have some input.

If you are receiving one of our level 3 or 4 Home Care Packages, you will have a dedicated annual nursing review to ensure your health needs are being met. This service is also available by request for level 1 and 2 Home Care Package consumers.

Included in this care plan will be set goals based on assessed needs.  Your overall health & well-being is our priority and we recommend home care services to assist you in achieving those goals.

Connecting You With The Right Services

Now that we have your plan and goals in place, your Care Advisor will begin organising the support services based on these and find suitable providers for you.

With our extensive experience and networks, we are confident your Care Advisor will recommend suitable services that will deliver on your care needs.

Ensuring You Receive Your Services

Once your home care services have been chosen, we will ensure you are receiving them as requested by regularly checking in with you.

The quality of care provided is important to us and so we will ensure they are meeting your needs and adjust them accordingly when necessary.

Checking In

As we strived to provide you with the high level of quality care you deserve, we’ll contact you on a regular basis to ensure you are getting what you need from your home care services.

Furthermore, we’ll continue reviewing your chosen services and make any recommendations that we think will benefit your individual needs.

If you wish to engage us for our independent home care advice via a home care package plan, please get in touch with us via the contact form below.

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