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Disclaimer: This blog is based on general advice and should never be taken as medical advice. If you are experiencing low moods on a regular basis, or are sad & depressed, please get in contact with a GP or medical professional to discuss this.

As we become older adults and go through life, we’re bound to experience many great highs and lowly lows.

Whether you’re feeling low due to a stressful or unforeseen event in your life or simply feeling a little down during the colder months, these feelings can be incredibly hard to process.

The important thing to remember is that these lows aren’t forever and there are a number of ways to boost your mood when you find yourself in these periods.

In fact, we’ve got four ways how you can do this and you can read all about them below.

Spend Time With Friends & Family

Talking about your emotions or frustrations with a friend or family is a good way to lift yourself out of your low mood.

Having a close friend, or perhaps a family member, that you can turn to when you’re struggling with negative feelings can not only give you some perspective on your issues but also help improve your mood.

elderly people staying happy

Getting Plenty of Exercise

One of the best ways to instantly boost your mood is through the form of physical activity, and the more you exert yourself the better.

The benefits of an increased heart rate and what it does to your overall mood is undeniable for older adults.

Exercise has been categorically shown to reduce depression and anxiety while also improving cognitive function and self-esteem.

Furthermore, exercise is easily one of the most effective means of reducing stress levels according to a study conducted by Walden University.

Practice Gratitude

It’s very easy to focus on the things that aren’t necessarily going right in your life; however, when you really look into it all, there are going to be at least a few positives to hang your hat on.

By choosing to focus on these positive things in your life that you are grateful for your entire narrative can be turned from a negative into a positive.

This can instill a great deal of hope in you and help prevent feelings of despair or sadness from overwhelming you.

We’d recommend getting into the habit of regularly expressing gratitude and observing how it can impact your mood in the long term.

old people holding hands

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Whoever stated that laughter was the best medicine was absolutely correct; there are several experts that agree that a good laugh can help cure a low mood.

In the short term, laughter does induce a physical response in your body, including stimulating your organs and activating stress relief sensors.

Whereas in the long term, it can improve your immune system and reduce the risk of anxiety and depression.

There’s every chance that you’re already doing one or more of the things we have mentioned on this list, but if there’s one that you haven’t, why don’t you give it a try? 

And if one of these becomes a habit, you have potentially instilled a lasting, positive change in how you are feeling.

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